Career possibilities

Two UVic students engaged in a mock counselling session
Hands-on learning in class and in practicum placements give our students the experience they need to build a successful career. Counselling students Lisa Buss and Kristen Yang are meeting in one of the department counselling observation rooms.

What can you do with your degree?

Our graduates work in schools, community agencies, government and in private practice. Career options include:

  • Addictions counsellor
  • Career counsellor
  • Community development officer
  • Education policy specialist
  • Educational counsellor
  • Executive director of a non-profit
  • Family counsellor
  • Human resources manager
  • Instructional coordinator
  • Principal/vice-principal
  • Professional practice manager
  • Recreation director
  • Special education teacher
  • Youth program coordinator
  • Executive government positions

More information from UVic Co-op + Careers (PDF)

Develop your career

Meet our alumni

Discover why our graduates chose UVic to deepen their knowledge, sharpen their skills and advance their careers.

Genevieve Stonebridge

Clinical Counsellor
InspireHealth, Supportive Cancer Care; Rise Health

Genevieve considers it a privilege to support people who want to explore the connection between their mental health and physical well-being. She works in private practice and at Inspire Health where she supports people with cancer. Read more

MA - Counselling Psychology (2015)

Mannix Chan

Regional Coordinator
Let's Talk Science Outreach Program

Mannix oversees the operations and sustainability of Let’s Talk Science is a national charitable organization that engages students in grades K-12 in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Read more

MA - Leadership Studies (2017)

Catherine Etmanski

Director, School of Leadership Studies
Royal Roads University

Catherine is Director of the School of Leadership Studies at Royal Roads and is passionate about leadership for social and environmental justice. She is a published author in the areas of collaborative leadership, transformative learning and promoting social change with the arts. Read more

PhD - Leadership Studies (2007)

Nasil Nam

CEO & Director of business development

Nasil is an entrepreneur—she is busy developing the overseas market for her company, ChrisiL. She uses her leadership skills to develop partnerships and manage international sales. Nasil is passionate about business ethics and social responsibility. Read more

MA - Leadership Studies (2018)