Resources for students

We want you to be among our many satisfied alumni. We've built a strong support network for you, from orientation to graduation day. If you can't find what you're looking for on this page, contact us.

Program planning guides (what to register in)

Our recommended course schedules will allow you to complete your program requirements in the expected amount of time. If you plan to deviate from the schedule provided, you must contact your supervisor and the program assistants to approve your plan. Course descriptions and current offerings are found in the Academic calendar

Counselling Psychology MA
Educational Psychology MA and MEd: Learning, Development and Instructional Sciences stream
Educational Psychology MA and MEd: Special Education stream
Educational Psychology PhD
Leadership Studies MA and MEd

At any time, you can check your CAPP report to review your program requirements and track your progress. 

If you want to take an elective course from outside your program area, you will need permission of your supervisor, graduate advisor, and the course instructor. See "Forms and policies" below for the Graduate registration form. The Academic calendar limits how many/which undergraduate courses can be used towards a graduate degree. 

Graduate handbooks

Funding & awards

There are various scholarships, bursaries, and employment opportunities available for EPLS students. 

Check out our funding opportunities and awards pages for more information.

Forms & policies

All academic policies can be found in the Academic calendar.

The FGS Graduate Supervision Policy is available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. 

Additional forms can be obtained from Graduate Studies

Program completion (thesis/project) & graduation

In order to graduate from your program, you must apply to graduate. Read the graduation and convocation info for Undergraduate students and for Graduate students

  • Thesis-based MA students and PhD students should refer to the FGS thesis & dissertation page for instructions about how to write and format your thesis or dissertation, book your thesis or dissertation defense, and submit an electronic copy of your thesis or dissertation (ETD) to UVicSpace. 
  • MEd students will complete the Project (ED-D 598) and Comprehensive Exam (ED-D 597) at the end of their program. Your supervisor or program assistant will provide more details about the Project and Comprehensive Exam as you approach your final term.

More resources & support

The UVic community is here for you! For everything from academic writing to dental care, there are resources here to help you. If you cannot find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact your program assistant to connect you to the services you need.