Student Support Coordination Program

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The Student Support Coordination (SSC) Program serves the university community by creating individual support plans for students experiencing crises or barriers to accessing support. Student Support Coordinators work with students and assist them to explore, connect with and navigate wellness and academic resources both on- and off-campus.

The SSC Program is a non-clinical, non-emergency service. In case of an emergency please contact police, fire and ambulance at 911. Campus Security is available 24/7 at 250-721-7599 for assistance on-campus. Additional emergency and 24/7 resources are also available for students with immediate need or risk. 

What we do

Student Support Coordinators collaborate with students to:

  • create support plans to manage the personal and academic impacts of challenging experiences (e.g. illness, injury, death of someone close, stressful life event)
  • assist with academic concession processes or requests (e.g. managing academic impacts on assignments, missed requirements or requests due to extenuating circumstances)
  • support students to navigate university appointments and processes (e.g. attend meetings with students, help students to understand and participate in investigations, etc.)
  • assist students in communicating with instructors, coaches and other campus staff
  • help students to identify and connect with on- and off-campus resources (e.g. mental health, physical health, financial supports)

Who we are

The SSC Program is made up of a team of Student Support Coordinators, including several with a general focus, a varsity athlete specialist, an Indigenous student support coordinator and a manager of student support. The team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in crisis support, mental health support and trauma-informed care. 

Meet the Student Support team

Our values

The SSC Program is committed to doing the ongoing work of decolonizing our practices, ways of being and of ways of supporting. We also strive to work from a place that centres:

  • dignity: recognizing and upholding the value of each individual, and respecting individual choice and autonomy
  • integrity: practicing with transparency, accountability for our actions and a strong commitment to our collective values
  • equity: recognizing how structural oppressions and historical/current injustices shape student experiences and our interactions and a commitment to unearthing and unlearning our own biases
  • collaboration: working alongside students and each other
  • relational-connectivity: committing to building strong relationships, authenticity within our interactions and dismantling power relations that shape our work

How to connect to the SSC Program

For students

Students are connected to the SSC Program through referrals made by university staff and faculty. Students interested in working with a Student Support Coordinator can request a referral through university staff (i.e. UVic student services, student societies and advocacy groups) or faculty members.

Referral information for staff & faculty

UVic staff and faculty can refer students to the SSC Program by filling out the student support referral form and . Please complete the form to the best of your ability, leaving unknown sections blank. Student Support Coordinators will collect any additional/missing information.

Before submitting:

  • consult with the designated referral sign-off person in your unit to seek approval, if applicable OR
  • consult with the manager, student support (250-472-5605) to discuss referral and/or support strategies

Once your referral has been received, a representative from the Office of Student Life will follow up with you within 2 working days by phone or email to provide either confirmation of referral to a Student Support Coordinator or alternative support recommendations.

Student support referral form (.pdf)

For more information about the SSC Program, including referral consults, please contact: Tyler Schaus, manager, student support at 250-472-5605 or .