Student conduct

The Office of Student Life works directly with the university community to help resolve non-academic student conduct concerns. The office administers the university’s Resolution of Non-Academic Misconduct Allegations policy and serves as a supportive resource to the university community.

We strive to implement fair and efficient resolution processes for misconduct with an emphasis on informal resolution and educational outcomes.

Office of Student Life helps to resolve non-academic misconduct issues by:

  • helping to support the informal resolution of conduct matters (e.g. direct, respectful communication between parties where possible and appropriate)
  • receiving and reviewing formal allegations of non-academic student misconduct
  • conducting reviews of formal misconduct allegations
  • determining if an investigation is required
  • investigating formal misconduct allegations
  • determining or recommending a reasonable course of action after investigation
  • Educate students on community responsibilities and behavioural standards.
  • Provide fair, timely and impartial reviews of allegations of non-academic misconduct.
  • Treat all students with equal care, concern, respect and fairness.
  • When appropriate, assign purposeful sanctions that support personal growth and development.
  • Promote a campus climate of civility, respect and accountability.
  • Repair harm caused by misconduct while restoring relationships and community.