Jillian Roberts showing two kids her app on a tablet

Jillian Roberts created a "Facts of Life" app to help parents start conversations with their young kids about sex. Photo: Diana Nethercott.

UVic professor Tim Black

Trauma psychologist Tim Black, co-developer of the Veterans Transition Network, works to help veterans and their families cope with PTSD in the home.

A double-decker bus in the UK

Darlene Clover studied adult education philosophies and practices of librarians and public art gallery and museum educators in Canada and the UK.

In the news

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The facts of life

January 7, 2015 - The Ring

Any parent with a computer in the house knows the warnings—keep the device in a central place, like a kitchen, so children can surf the internet under the supervision of an adult.

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Our faculty

The high-level of research that our instructors conduct provides valuable insight into their respective fields and enriches the lives of those in the community.

Faces of UVic Research video series

Many of our faculty members have a video featuring their research. Faces of UVic Research is a series of "elevator pitch" style videos showcasing the passion and commitment of UVic researchers. It's a great way to discover what our faculty are researching, which can help you choose a supervisor who fits your interests.

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