Nasil Nam

Nasil Nam
CEO & Director of business development

MA in Leadership Studies (2018)

Nasil plans and implements business development in the overseas market for her company, ChrisiL. In her position, she develops partnership companies and manages sales channels internationally. She is also responsible for coordinating team projects, managing logistics locally and internationally, and financial planning and budget administration.

The Master’s degree has transformed me as an individual and professionally. Personally, I was especially disrupted by the notion of business ethics and social responsibilities in business context during these courses. I was also confused and felt lost about understanding the meaning of empowerment in gender issues. I posed many questions about my identity as a Korean Canadian, my subjectivities as a business owner, an English teacher and an academic-driven individual, and my values and beliefs, which were seated in myself and my leadership for a long time. However, going through the stages of deconstructing and intervention, I could refine and redefine my position as an immigrant woman in Canada, and my leadership approach from transactional to transformational and servant leadership principles.