Laurel M. Bowman

Laurel M. Bowman
Associate Professor
Office: Clearihue B420


Area of expertise

Greek literature (tragedy, Hellenistic literature, especially epigram); literature and gender; classical myth; reception studies; myth in popular culture.

Interests and Areas of Graduate Supervision:

Greek literature (tragedy, Hellenistic literature, especially epigram); literature and gender; classical myth;  reception studies; myth in popular culture

Recent Graduate Supervisions

“The programmatic use of rare Homeric words in the Epigrams of Callimachus”, Brian Moss (MA)

“Deals and women’s subjectivity in Euripides’ Alcestis and Medea”, Lauren Mayes (MA)

“Betrayed, Berserk, and Abandoned: War Trauma in Sophocles’ Ajax and Philoctetes”, Josh Binus (MA)

Recent Honours Thesis Supervisions

‘Herstory Denied? A discussion of women’s role in Minoan Religion”

“Consolation in Greek Tragedy”

“Women’s Lament in Euripides”

“Heraclitus in Plato’s Symposium

“Depictions of women in Athenian legal rhetoric”

“The Hymn to Demeter and the Eleusinian Mysteries”

Recent Publications:

“Whedon Meets Sophocles: Prophecy and Angel “, in Joss Whedon's Angel and Literature, Tamy Burnett and AmiJo Cornford, eds, McFarland and Co 2010: 191-205.

“Women’s Tradition in Greek Poetry” (Phoenix 58, 2004), translated into Arabic with commentary by Dr. Alaa Saber. Axis: Translation and Interpretation Problems (special issue of Hermes 1 (2011)): 193-235.

Co-edited with Dr. Brad Levett: Visualizing Antiquity, Mouseion 13-14.1, 2016

Select Conference and Seminar Papers

“Sacrificial virgins in the works of Joss Whedon” (with Lauren Mayes), Slayage Conference on the Whedonverse 5, Vancouver 2012

“Myths on Maps”, poster presentation, “Greek Myth on the Map” conference, Bristol 2013

Decisions in Memorial/ Decisions in the Iliad(CACW/CAPN, Vancouver 2014

“New Sappho Fragments’ (with Ingrid Holmberg), UVic departmental seminar, 2014

‘Myths on Maps” (poster presentation with Greg Newton (presenter), HCMC), Sydney 2015

“Female Writers of Hellenistic Epigram”, CAPN, Olympia 2016

“Medea the Good Mother”, Ideafest presentation, UVic 2016

Public Lectures:

UVic Speaker’s Bureau

"Herakles and the Disney Hercules"

"Growing up in Athens and Sparta"

"Cleopatra and the Ptolemies"

"Greek and Roman Myth"

"Sacrificial Virgins (with Lauren Mayes)"

Current Projects:

“Myths on Maps”, 

“Alice Oswald’s Iliad: a Homeric study”, for Classical Receptions Journal