Student looking at UVic replica collection
The Greek and Roman Studies department houses a replica collection on the 4th floor, B-wing, of the Clearihue Building.

Facilities for students and faculty

Located on the fourth floor of the B-wing of Clearihue Building, the Department has commanding views of the beautiful UVic campus. Mt. Tolmie and Mt. Douglas are to the west and Cadboro Bay and Mt. Baker to the east. Our department shares the top floor of the B wing with Hispanic and Italian Studies.

We are well-supplied with computing facilities for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates. Wireless internet access is available for all members of the UVic community.

We have the Ibycus system and are a licensed user of the TLG and PHI CD-ROM databases of Greek and Latin literature, inscriptions, and papyri. We also have a site license for the Perseus 2.0 database of classical archaeology and literature. Students are welcome to use our shared computer in the Reading Room. All undergraduate and graduate students also have access to UVic computer labs scattered around the campus.

The Department has an image database available online. This is a teaching collection of 13,000 slides and available for searching. A large (and increasing) library of recordings of ancient texts, in Latin and Greek, is also available digitally.

Finally, we have an eclectic collection of reproductions of ancient artwork, from the Rosetta Stone and the "Cup of Nestor" through Cycladic figurines and archaic pottery, to Greek and Roman sculpture. All are available to the public, on display in the corridor of Clearihue B wing, fourth floor. Come up and browse!