Students during a field school in Greece

Learning beyond the classroom

Seize opportunities to participate in a field school, like this one at the ancient site of Eleon, in the Greek village of Arma.

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Students looking at an ancient Greek mosaic

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From languages and literature to history and archeology, we offer courses that let you explore what you're passionate about.

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UVic students helping with an excavation during a field course

Research that makes a vital impact

Whether they are studying language, literature, history or archeology, our faculty and students delve into the past to better understand and face current challenges and opportunities.

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Student in front of a pottery display

Study what you're passionate about

Student Caitlin Thurley says learning at UVic is dynamic because students have access to many reproductions, archives and hands-on learning opportunities.

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Graduate student reading a book

A vibrant community of graduate students

Explore essential issues and build your skills with a committed group of students and faculty. MA Student Arnold van Roessel says the department has a very cooperative community.

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Alumnus in the UVic library

Our grads are well prepared for the future

Niki Kihira (BA, 2015) says his Greek and Roman Studies degree was excellent preparation for law school.

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It all starts here

Greek and Roman studies explores language, literature, history, and archeology to better understand the ancient Mediterranean world, a time and place surprisingly similar to our own.

Archaeological evidence and written sources show that people in the past struggled with issues related to technology, the environment, religious diversity and intolerance, and the role of the individual and the state. Issues that are still significant today.
—Dr. Brendan Burke, Chair, Department of Greek and Roman Studies

Greek and Roman studies can help us decide how to handle the challenges and opportunities we currently face by learning about the past.

Curious about how culture works? Want to understand the foundations of our modern society?

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