Careers in Greek and Roman studies

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What can I do with a degree in Greek and Roman studies?

Greek and Roman studies encourage students to analyze, write effectively and share their ideas about society in a supportive environment. Our grads end up with sophisticated critical thinking and analysis skills, as well as strong oral and written communication.

Virtually all careers require the control of language and the historical perspective that the study of ancient Greece and Rome provides. Employers want to hire students who can think independently, conduct research and express themselves clearly. This is exactly the kind of student who graduates in Greek and Roman studies at UVic.

Co-op for Greek and Roman Studies students

Co-op helps you start building your career while you're still at university. It's designed to work around your academic courses, so you'll complement what you're learning in class with practical workplace experience.

Co-op enables you to try out a range of jobs before you graduate; gain work experience and skills; and make connections with employers. And you get paid for the experience! 

You can also work internationally as a co-op student. Funding is available to support students on international co-op work terms. 

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Some career options for Greek and Roman studies graduates

  • Communications coordinator
  • Cultural programs coordinator
  • Curator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Human resources coordinator
  • Immigration/intelligence officer
  • International project coordinator
  • Librarian/archivist
  • Marketing
  • Museum coordinator
  • Policy analyst
  • Program manager
  • Teacher/instructor
  • Tour leader
  • Trade officer

Additional education and training may be required.

More information from UVic Co-op + Careers (pdf)

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