Greek and Roman Studies Department Faculty 2018
Greek and Roman Studies Department Faculty 2018
Greek literature (tragedy, Hellenistic literature, especially epigram); literature and gender; classical myth; reception studies; myth in popular culture.
Office: Clearihue B420
Greek archaeology; Aegean Prehistory; Anatolian archaeology; Art and Architecture of ancient Greece; Textile production and ancient economies.
Office: Clearihue B422
Early Greek poetry: Homer, Hesiod, the Homeric Hymns, and archaic lyric; particular interest in narrative and gender theory.
Office: Clearihue B413
Graduate Adviser
Greek and Roman social, economic, and political history, most notably democracy and oligarchy; economic development, particularly agriculture, living standards, nutrition, housing, and trade; social inequality, social welfare, slavery and labour exploitation; and ideologies of social inequality, most notably capitalism, racism, and colonialism
Office: Clearihue B421
Silver Latin poetry, especially Senecan tragedy and Roman satire.
Office: Clearihue B424
Greek and Latin language pedagogy; Imperial Greek literature; Greek and Latin novels, esp. Petronius; gender and sexuality in Greek and Roman culture; Greece and Rome in modern popular culture, esp. fiction and film
Office: Clearihue B428
Undergraduate Adviser
Interests: Roman History:Greek and Latin epigraphy, Roman public and private law, Jewish and early Christian history.
Office: Clearihue B430
Research focus: social, economic and cultural history of Roman Spain and the western provinces. Most notably, published research in Iberian numismatics and epigraphy, demography, household archaeology, cultural change and identity formation, pre-Roman languages and archaeological method and theory.
Office: Clearihue B423
Early imperial Latin literature (esp. Seneca, Statius, and Tacitus) & Roman history; spatial approaches to Latin literature and Roman culture; conceptions of self & individual in society; ecocriticism; historiography, early modern Latin literature
Sessional instructor
Office: Clearihue B427
Limited Term Assistant Teaching Professor
Classical Art and Archaeology, Aegean Prehistory, Ceramics and analysis, Reception of the Greek past during the Archaic and Classical periods
Office: Clearihue B422

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