Brendan Burke

Brendan  Burke
Office: Clearihue B413

Interests and Areas of Graduate Supervision:

Greek archaeology; Aegean Prehistory; Anatolian archaeology; Art and Architecture of ancient Greece; Textile production and ancient economies.

I supervise graduate students in Greek and Roman Archaeology both at UVic and at the site of ancient Eleon, Greece, where I co-direct field work on the excavation site.  Graduate students often participate in all aspects of field work, from surface survey to excavation and post-processing of finds. Often theses and dissertation topics will derive from original material from active excavations. 

Recent Publications:

“Beyond Penelope: Women and the role of Textiles in the Bronze Age Aegean,” Women in Antiquity, ed. J. Turfa and S. Budin. (Routledge) 2016, 635-646.

“Phrygian Fibulae as Markers of Textile Dedication in Greek Sanctuaries,” Textile Trade and Distribution II: From the Ancient Near East to the Mediterranean (1000 BC-400 AD), eds. Kerstin Droß-Krüpe and M-L. Nosch, (Harrassowitz Verlag. Wiesbaden) 2016, 159-168.

“Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project: Surface Survey of the Eleon Acropolis.” Co-authored with V. Aravantinos, B. Burns, Y. Fappas, S. Lupack, C.M. MacKay, Mouseion Vol. 13.2 (series 3) 2016, 293-358.

“Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project 2015 Report.” Teiresias: A Review and Bibliography of Boiotian Studies. Co-authored with B. Burns and A. Charami, vol. 45 (part 2) 2015.

“Bronze Age Aegean Cloth Production: A Cottage Industry No More,”HYPHANTA. Patterned Textiles of the Aegean Bronze Age. M. C. Shaw and A. P. Chapin, with contributions by E.J.W. Barber, B. Burke, E. C. Egan, S. Peterson Murray, and A. Vlachopoulos (Oxbow) 2015, 17-42.

"The Polygonal Wall at Ancient Eleon and the Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project." Meditations on the Diversity of the Built Environment in the Aegean Basin: A Colloquium in Memory of Frederick E. Winter, June 22-23 2012. Co-authored with B. Burns and A. Charami, ed. D. Rupp, 2014, 249-264.

From Minos to Midas: Ancient Cloth Production in the Aegean and in Anatolia Ancient Textiles Series Vol. 7, (Oxford Oxbow Books) 2010.

Forthcoming Publications:

Eastern Boeotia Archaeological Project – co-editor volume of Preliminary Reports on Excavations at Ancient Eleon 2011-2015 (in preparation).

The Golden King: Myths of Wealth in the Ancient World (monograph in preparation).

“Social and Cultural History of Bronze Age Greece,” Themes in Greek Society and Culture, ed. C. Vester and A. Glazebrook, Oxford University Press (forthcoming, 2016).

Current Projects:

I am currently co-directing excavations at the site of ancient Eleon in central Greece. This site has sat in relative obscurity for the past 2400 years. Located about 75 km north of Athens on a fertile plain connecting the major center of Thebes to the important waterway of the Euboean Gulf, the site preserves material from the Prehistoric (Mycenaean), Archaic-Classical, and Medieval periods. Our Canadian team has excavated here since 2011. We began our work based on results of a systematic survey (2007-2009) and on the prominent standing feature at the site -- a large polygonal wall constructed around 500 BCE. We are currently focused on a group of rock lined tombs containing the remains of several individuals. Based on ceramics, the entire structure and burials seem confined to the early Mycenaean period, sometimes called the Shaft Grave period after the famous burials at Mycenae (ca 1700-1450 BCE).