Students performing an archaeological dig abroad
Students get real, hands-on learning opportunities during field schools abroad.

We're committed to the exploration, elaboration and preservation of the cultures of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.

Our dynamic and comprehensive MA and PhD programs are based on a strong foundation in the history, literature and archeology of ancient cultures. This foundation allows our students and faculty to actively engage with the challenges and opportunities faced by our modern world.

GRS/Humanities Graduate Handbook.

Master's program

Our thesis-based master's program engages students in an in-depth study of classical language, literature, history and archeology before exploring a specific question of interest that has been under-represented in past scholarship.

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Doctoral program

Our doctoral program prepares classicists to bring knowledge of the cultures of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds into a productive dialogue with contemporary issues and concerns.

Our PhD program offers four thematic research areas:

  • Interconnectivity in the ancient Mediterranean world
  • Technology in the ancient world
  • Social and economic history
  • Gender and identity studies in ancient Greece and Rome

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The application deadline for consideration for financial aid, particularly for University of Victoria Fellowships is February 1. Applications received after February 1 will be considered, but applicants will not usually be eligible for funding. The application deadline is June 1 for September admission.

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