Our graduate students

MA Student
Ancient History, Near East Studies, Achaemenid empire, Greek history, especially fifth and fourth centuries 
Office: CLE B432
MA Student
Classical reception, Women writers, Translation theory, Early childhood literature
Office: CLE B425
MA student
Greek and Roman mythology, Greek and Roman religion and religious practices. The origins of cult practices and religious festivals.
Office: CLE B432
MA student
Roman poetry (esp. Lucretius, Catullus, Vergil); early Greek poetry (Homer, Hesiod, lyric); ancient novels (esp. Longus, Petronius); gender and sexuality in the ancient world
Office: CLE B432
MA Student
Greek art and archaeology with interests in epigraphy, ceramics, and regional identities, especially of the Archaic period
Office: CLE B432

Recent Graduates and their PhD/MA Theses


  • MacIlroy, Allie (2022-08-31)

On the Margins of Manhood: Examining Physical Gender Atypicality Among Men in Imperial Roman Society 

  •  Nicchitta, Novella (2021-02-01)

Suppose it's Sulpicia: a reading of the Corpus Sulpicianum

  • Douglas, David (2020-01-28)

A study in Epicurean poetics: Virgil's ecologues

  •  Lohrasbe, Devon (2018-08-29)

The classical reception of the hybrid minotaur

  • Barney, Neil (2018-08-07)

Beyond the speaker: the audience in Seneca the Elder

  • Van Roessel, Arnoldus (2018-05-23)

Pliny the elder's history: recording the past in the Naturalis historia

  • MacDonald, Max K. (2017-08-31)

Textile tools and production at a Mycenaean secondary centre 

  • Tee, Lauren (2016-09-02)

Foedera naturae in Lucretius' De rerum natura 

  • Butler, Graham (2015-09-08)

Athenian and American Slaving Ideologies and Slave Stereotypes in Comparative Perspective 

  • Beauvais, Glenn E. (2015-08-27)

Charis and Hybris in Pindaric Cosmology 

  • Kirkpatrick, Aidan (2015-06-22)

The image of the city in antiquity: tracing the origins of urban planning, Hippodamian Theory, and the orthogonal grid in Classical Greece 

  • Binus, Joshua Robert (2014-06-04)

Betrayed, Berserk, and Abandoned: War Trauma in Sophocles' Ajax and Philoctetes 

  • Bullard, Eva (2013-09-03)

Marcomannia in the making 

  • Henderson, Georgina Jane (2013-09-03)

Spiral Fluted Columns and the Mechanical Screw: The History of a Mathematical Idea in Ancient Architecture and Mechanical Technology 

  • Harvey, Craig Andrew (2013-08-28)

Tubuli and their Use in Roman Arabia, with a Focus on Humayma (Ancient Hauarra) 

  • Coad, Diotima (2013-04-22)

Pauline Christianity as a Stoic Interpretation of Judaism 

  • Van Damme, Trevor (2012-08-30)

Remembering the Mycenaeans: how the ancient Greeks repurposed their prehistoric past 

  • Pass, Angelica (2012-08-30)

Juvenal, Martial and the Augustans: an analysis of the production and reception of satiric poetry in Flavian Rome 

  • Koon, Kelsey Marie (2012-08-29)

Granaries and the grain supply of Roman frontier forts: case studies in local grain production from Hauarra (Jordan), Vindolanda (Britain), and Vindonissa (Switzerland) 

  • Romney, Jessica (2012-04-11)

The Rhetoric of cohesion: allusions to Homeric heroes in Tyrtaeus’ poetry. 

  • Brill, Lindsey Nicole Elizabeth (2011-12-13)

Ubiquitous mulomedici: the social, economic, and agronomic significance of the veterinarian to the Roman world. 

  • Bishop, Lara (2011-08-31)

The transformation of administrative towns in Roman Britain 

  • Ongaro, Katherine (2011-08-08)

Ovid's Fasti: history re-imagined. 

  • Koester, Kristen Ann (2011-06-24)

Augustine's letters: negotiating absence. 

  • Littlechilds, Rebecca Leigh (2011-06-02)

The epitaphs of Damasus and the transferable value of persecution for the Christian community at Rome in the fourth-century AD 

  • Deminion, Mary Alana (2011-06-02)

Staging morality: studies in the "Lex Iulia de Adulteriis" of 18 BCE. 

  • Prior, Jonathan David (2010-11-15)

Makers and their marks: the ancient function and modern usefulness of stamps on glass and ceramics 

  • Mayes, Lauren (2010-08-30)

Deals and women's subjectivity in Euripides' "Alcestis" and "Medea" 

  • Ross, Tina (2010-02-03)

Winged representations of the soul in ancient Greek art from the late Bronze Age through the Classical period 

  • Moss, Brian William (2010-01-25)

Programmatic use of rare Homeric words in the Epigrams of Callimachus 

  • Miller, Peter John (2009-08-20)

Alcman's Partheneion and the Near East 

  • Klapecki, Derek Vincent (2008-10-30)

The Roman mosaics of Humayma, Jordan. 

  • Kavadas, Richard J.P. (2008-04-24)

No mere mouthpiece: An examination of the Hesiodic farmer 

  • Ramsey, Gillian Catherine. (2008-04-10)

Kingship in Hellenistic Bactria 

  • Cook, Ronald James. (2008-04-10)

An archaeological examination of towers in Arabia in their social, economic and geographical context : field survey and excavation of purported Roman military towers near the fort at al-Humayma (ancient Hawara), Jordan 

  • Nikolic, Milorad (2008-02-28)

Cross-disciplinary investigation of ancient long-distance water pipelines 

  • Scarth, Elizabeth-Anne Louise (2007-09-20)

Mnemotechnics and Virgil: the art of memory and remembering 

  • Nay, Jamie P. (2007-08-30)

Citizenship, culture and ideology in Roman Greece 

  • Prest, Sarah A.C. (2007-08-29)

Tragedy and transformation: generic tension and apotheosis in Ovid's Metamorphoses