J. Michael Roney

J. Michael Roney
Physics and Astronomy
Office: Elliott 209

BSc (Carl.), MSc (McGill), PhD (Carl.)

Area of expertise

Experimental particle physics, detector instrumentation development, flavour and precision electroweak phenomena


Director, Institute of Particle Physics
Spokesperson of the BaBar Collaboration

Professor Roney's research interests focus on studies of fundamental particles and interactions and the development of subatomic particle detectors. He has published widely on electroweak physics, studies of the flavour sector of the Standard Model, and on various related detector technologies. His recent studies involve searches for evidence of unexplained new fundamental physics in the flavour sector of the Standard Model using precision measurements as well as through direct searches for new particles and processes. He has led analysis teams in both the OPAL Collaboration at CERN and SLAC-based BaBar collaboration. Dr. Roney has served as the BaBar Physics Analysis Coordinator and currently leads the BaBar Collaboration as its Spokesperson. Looking to the future, he has been leading the Canadian effort on Belle-II, the next generation 10.58GeV electron-positron collider project at the KEK laboratory in Japan designed to search for new physics at the precision frontier with 40 times the intensity of existing facilities.


In this Faces of UVic Research video, J. M. Roney discusses being involved in international collaborations and what it means to make discoveries at a fundamental level.

Research interests

  • High Energy physics
  • Flavour physics
  • Precision electroweak physics
  • Instrumentation development

Additional contact info

Phone (SLAC): +1 650-926-5287