Peter Loock

Peter  Loock
Dean of Science, Professor
Office: Elliott 166

Dipl-Ing (Technical University of Darmstadt), PhD (UVic), P.Eng, Visiting Fellow (Steacie Institute, National Research Council of Canada)

Area of expertise

Spectroscopic instrument design, fiber optics, chemical sensors, cavity-enhanced optics, micro-optical resonators


The Loock Laser Lab develops instruments, systems, and processes for optical measurements of absorption, fluorescence, mechanical strain, pressure, vibration and refractive index. Recent inventions by the Loock Group range from novel fluorescence spectrometers, to guitar pick-ups, and from fiber-optic absorption sensors to materials for heavy metal sensing. Recent research includes work n fundamental optics of (micro)optical cavities, and other optical resonators, but also industrially oriented research on sensor systems for process monitoring. The Loock Group is hiring graduate students and postdocs with an academic background in either physical chemistry or molecular/materials physics.


Peter Loock’s teaching interests are in physical chemistry and spectroscopy. He has taught courses in general chemistry, introductory quantum chemistry, molecular spectroscopy, physical chemistry of materials, and advanced courses related to chemical and materials characterization.