Department of Chemistry

Female students working in a lab

Overview of our undergraduate program

Physical chemistry? Analytical chemistry? Inorganic chemistry? Organic chemistry? Find out what courses you will need to take and how they all fit together.

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Students working in a lab

Become a chemistry graduate student

Consider an advanced degree in chemistry at UVic and take your talents and skills in chemistry to a new level. Our graduate programs offer world-class research opportunities in state-of-the-art labs. 

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Professor Hof in a lab

Meet our faculty

Our researchers create and explore new materials, probe dynamics in exquisite detail, and stimulate the new high-tech applications of chemistry in the sciences, engineering and biomedicine.

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Learn and create the chemistry of tomorrow

Interested in our undergraduate chemistry program, award-winning teachers, modern lab facilities, our new ChemMedSci program, or wondering about real-life learning opportunities in co-op and research labs?

Or perhaps you're investigating innovative graduate research opportunities in the creation of new therapeutics, catalysts, materials, and nanotechnology using state-of-the art instrumentation to probe surfaces, fast reactions, and complex dynamics.

No matter what your focus, our inspiring team of students, staff, and faculty create the perfect environment for learning and creating the chemistry of tomorrow. Whatever your interests, we're proud to have this chance to showcase our programs and achievements. Please contact us if you have further questions.