Graduate courses

Seminar - CHEM 509

The Department runs an outstanding seminar series, featuring visiting scientists from academia and industry. Graduate students are expected to attend at least nine of these seminars each term, except in the summer when the series is on hiatus. Students who are unable to attend a full complement of nine seminars because of research or teaching commitments at UVic or at other institutions must make prior arrangements with the Chem 509 instructor each term.

In addition to attending seminars by external speakers, each graduate student will also present a departmental seminar on their thesis research, normally during Term 4 or 5 of an M.Sc. program, and during Term 10 or 11 of a Ph.D. program. These seminars will take place during two conference-format Graduate Student Research Days, one during Reading Break in November, the other during Reading Break in February. Attendance at these events is mandatory for all graduate students.

For a list of past seminars, visit the archive here.

Chem 505: Professional Development and Societal Engagement for Chemists (Fall)
Chem 511 (cross listed with 411): Topics in Instrumental Analysis (Spring even years)
Chem 521 (CL w 421): Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (Fall odd years)
Chem 523 (CL w 423): Organometallic Chemistry (Fall even years)
Chem 533 (CL w 432): Organic Synthesis (Spring even years)
Chem 537 (CL w 437): Biological and Medicinal Chemistry (Spring)
Chem 555 (CL w 458): Statistical Thermodynamics (Spring odd years)
Chem 560: Research Tools and Special Topics 
Chem 547 (CL w 447): Advanced Molecular Spectroscopy (Fall odd years)
Chem 551 (CL w 451): NMR and its Applications (Spring odd years)
Chem 552 (CL w 452): Reaction Mechanisms and Dynamics (Spring even years)
Chem 553 (CL w 453): Structure, Reactivity and Bonding (Fall odd years)
Chem 577 (CL w 477): Computational Chemistry (Fall even years)
Chem 578 (CL w 478): Industrial Chemistry (Spring odd years)
Chem 599 MSc Thesis
Chem 645 (CL w 475): Electrochemistry and its Applications (Fall even years)
Chem 647 (CL w 459): Materials Science (Fall odd years)
Chem 676 (CL w 476): Polymer Chemistry (Fall even years)
Chem 699 PhD Dissertation
Chem 670 Property-Directed Synthesis Discussion  (Spring)
Chem 680Reactivity, Dynamics and Spectroscopy Discussion  (Fall)