Graduate awards

All eligible incoming graduate students and continuing graduate students are assessed for University of Victoria Graduate Awards and Fellowships, and for our GRACE, Graduate Research Award for Chemistry Excellence. There is no need to apply.

Each year the Department of Chemistry gives out dozens of small grad fellowships known in the Department as Academic Achievement Awards. There are also a variety of larger UVic Fellowships, University-wide scholarships, and Donor Awards given each year. These awards are celebrated at our department awards party at the University Club in November. Previous years' recipients are in the tabs below.

Faculty and senior lab instructors nominate and recognize the work of Chemistry graduate students'  as outstanding Teaching Assistants through annual awards.

Graduate Student Awards celebrated in November each year.

Gerry Poulton Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry
James A & Laurette Agnew Memorial Award
Dr. Julius F. Schleicher Graduate Scholarship
The Dr. E. & Mrs. M. Von Rudloff Award
Nora & Mark Degoutiere Memorial Scholarship
Mohamed and Prabha Ibrahim Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry (new donor award!) 
Howard E. Petch Research Scholarships
Sally McAuley Graduate Scholarship
The Dr. E. & Mrs. M. Von Rudloff Award
The Lewis J. Clark Memorial Fellowship
Dr. Esme Foord Graduate Scholarship
Dr. Elisabeth Dixon Scholarship in Chemistry (new award!)
The Dr. E. & Mrs. M. Von Rudloff Award
Nora & Mark Degoutiere Memorial Scholarship

Grad Student Research Days

Spring GSRD - February 18, 2020

Participation award

Nick Richard

Poster awards

Alison Selinger

Jon Sader

Charlotte Ellis

Seminar awards

Best MSc: Jon Davidson
Best PhD: Scott Borden

Grad Student Research Days

Spring GSRD - February 20, 2019

Participation award

Charlotte Ellis

Poster awards

Best PhD: Roman Belli 
Best MSc: Gilian Thomas

Seminar awards

Best MSc: Kaitlyn Ramsay
Best PhD: Greg Vandergrift

Fall GSRD – November 12, 2019

Participation award

Shaun MacLean

Poster awards

Kaitlyn Ramsay
Leah Gajecki
Jin Yang

Seminar awards

Best PhD: Tong Li 
Best MSc: Celebi Wan

Grad Student Research Days

Fall GSRD - November 14, 2018

Participation Award

Sree Talluri

Poster Awards

James McFarlane
Jon Sader
Michelle Ting
Jin Yang

Seminar Awards

MSc: Victor Aiyejuro
PhD: Tasha Jarisz-Ashmead

Spring GSRD - February 15, 2018

Participation award

Scott Borden

Poster awards

Yahya Alyoubi
Elvis Ting
Carene Yeo
Bruno Guilherme da Fonseca
Jaime Korner

Seminar awards

MSc Andy Un
PhD Roman Belli

Spring Grad Student Research Day - February 16, 2017

Participation award:

Lars Yunker

Poster awards:

Meagan Beatty

Roman Belli

Tasha Jarisz

Fraser Burns

Seminar awards:

Regie Gomes Sobral Filho

Natasha Milosevich

William FitzGerald

Sandra Roy

Fall Grad Student Research Day - November 14, 2017

Seminar Awards:

PhD Meagan Beatty

PhD James McFarlane

MSc America Palacios

MSc Natalie Dean

Poster Awards

Jun Chen

Sun Kly

Isaac Omari

Grag Vandergrift

Participation Award:

Sree Talluri

Grad Student Research Days

Fall Grad Student Research Day- November 9 2016

 Prize Winners:

  • Ronan Hanley - Best PhD seminar
  • Jane Zhu - Best MSc seminar
  • Greg Vandergrift - Best MSc poster
  • Jun Chen - Best PHD poster
  • Natalie Dean - Best participation