Application instructions

In order to be considered for admission into the PoND program, a student must first be accepted into graduate studies at one of the host institutions (UVic Chemistry, UVic Physics, UofT Pharmacy, UofA Pharmacy, Concordia Chemistry, or Laval Engineering). Therefore, a letter or email from the host department’s graduate secretary or graduate coordinator confirming acceptance or conditional acceptance into graduate studies (or current enrollment in graduate studies in the case of a transferring student) must be submitted with the completed application form.

The PoND program recruits students with a goal of achieving and maintaining equity, diversity, and inclusion within PoND.

The completed application form and confirmation of admission to (or current enrollment in) graduate studies should be submitted via email to the PoND Admission and Recruitment Committee (ARC) chair (Dr. Matt Moffitt), and the PoND Program Coordinator,

PoND application form

Applications will be considered at any time.