Chemistry Graduate Handbook


Welcome to graduate work in the Chemistry Department, University of Victoria. This document is the Graduate Handbook for the department. It is intended as a guide to all aspects of being a graduate student, but is not intended to repeat information that is found elsewhere, and in particular the Calendar, the Faculty of Graduate Studies' website and the Graduate Supervision Policy (which includes rules for much more than just supervision) should be consulted for further information.

This handbook is the updated and official version of this document. You are expected to be aware of its content. 

If you find any errors or have suggestions for improvement, please let the graduate secretary or graduate advisor know, and we will be happy to consider changes.

Enjoy your time here, and we hope this document makes it easier for you.


  1. General information
    1. Important people
    2. Who Does What?
    3. Getting Started
      1. Before you arrive in Victoria
      2. After you arrive in Victoria
  2. Funding
    1. Understanding your graduate student stipend
    2. Tuition and Fees
    3. Awards
      1. University of Victoria Bursaries and Scholarships
      2. Donor Awards
      3. External Awards
      4. Graduate Student Ambassador Award
    4. Conferences
  3. Your Graduate Program
    1. Expectations
      1. Department Expectations Policy
      2. Ethics and Academic and Research Integrity
    2. Your Supervisor
    3. Supervisory Committee
    4. Courses
      1. Department Seminars, Your Seminar, and Graduate Student Research Days
      2. Co-op and Internships
    5. Evaluation
    6. Transfer from MSc to PhD
    7. PhD Candidacy Exam
    8. Timeline
    9. Writing Your Thesis or Dissertation
    10. Planning to Defend
    11. Your Defense Exam
    12. Submitting Your Final Thesis
  4. Getting Things Done
    1. Computing
    2. Spending Money
    3. When Things Go Wrong
      1. General
      2. Failing Courses and Degrees
      3. Problems with your Supervisor