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Sharon Dias

Housing Insecurity

PhD student Sharon Dias (GEOG) explains that Brazil provides a unique case study with lessons and knowledge that will benefit us all in finding solutions to the complex global housing crisis.

Housing Insecurity

Vanier Scholars

Four UVic graduate students are named Vanier Canada Graduate Scholars for demonstrating leadership skills and a high standard of scholarly achievement.  Each will receive $50,000 in funding over three years.

Vanier Scholars 2020
Trudeau - Dionne

Addressing gender violence

UVic PhD student Jasmine Dionne has received Trudeau scholarship for her work with the Cree, Metis, Chipewyan and Dene community of Saka Wiyiniwak to reimplement Indigenous legal principles addressing gender violence

Trudeau Scholar 2020
Kelp Forest Ecosystems

Kelp Forest Ecosystems

Graduate students Brian Timmer (above) and Lianna Gendall research kelp forests and the important role that kelp beds play in the health of our oceans and the habitat of marine species.

Kelp Forest
Saeed Rahman

Sustainable Business Practices

Saeed Rahman's doctoral research set out to understand how businesses can advance sustainability efforts through better integration of ecological knowledge.


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