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Travel & conference funding

FGS follows the recommendations set out by The Office of Global Engagement, in consultation with Risk Management and the Student Mobility Recovery Team (SMRT). SMRT recommends students adhere to UVic’s  Off-Campus Activity Risk Management Policy. It is also highly recommended that prior to travel, students follow the steps for travel safety on UVic’s  Travel Safety for Studentssite.

Travel awards

FGS and GSS offer awards to support travel to conferences, workshops or research activities. This award is not available for course/program-required travel.

Funding is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible graduate students. Priority will be given to first-time recipients as long as their applications are received at least two months before the month of travel, and they meet all the other eligibility requirements at the time notices are sent. Students may only receive one travel award per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).

Please see the Travel Award FAQ for more information.


  • you are registered full-time in the term in which you plan to travel 
  • you do not owe outstanding fees to the university
  • you have not received a FGS Travel Award for the current fiscal year (April 1 to March 31)
  • you have received confirmation of your travel, e.g. acceptance to present at a conference, confirmed registration for conference
  • you have a Canadian mailing address or Canadian bank account; FGS cannot issue funds internationally

Award amounts

  • up to $600 to travel outside of BC
  • up to $400 to travel in BC
  • up to $200 to travel on Vancouver Island

How to apply

  1. Submit your application to FGS by email between one-to-four months in advance of your conference. Applications received more than four months before travel date will not be accepted. 
    • FGS cannot guarantee applications will be processed/approved in advance of travel/conference if the application is submitted less than one-month before intended travel/conference
  2. Complete the Travel Award Application.
    • include confirmation of your conference/workshop registration and receipt of payment - ensure your registration includes the conference dates, city and country of the conference
    • successful applicants will receive funds approximately one-month prior to the start date of travel
  3. FGS will not consider applications submitted after travel/conference dates. 

Note: All funds from the Travel Grant Program are paid directly to the student whose name is on the application and receipts. We will not reimburse departments and faculty members. 

Travel awards for distance programs

The GSS, with the support of FGS, established a special travel grant to assist graduate students in registered distance programs. The goal of the fund is to support students in financial need to travel to Victoria for the mandatory on-campus residential course/workshops or off-campus practica travel requirements (i.e. travel costs to practicum) as part of the distance education graduate programs. 


  • you are registered full time in your program
  • you do not owe outstanding fees to the university
  • you have not yet received a FGS travel grant (or online conference grant) for the current fiscal year (April 1 to March 31)
  • you have financial need and have included a statement of estimated travel costs and budget
  • you are travelling to Victoria to attend courses/workshops at the UVic which are a required part of your program of study, or
  • you are travelling off-campus for a practicum that is required as part of your distance education graduate program.

How to apply

Complete the application and submit it by email. Applications for the Distance Graduate Student Travel Grant will be considered on a first-come first-served basis, with priority given to first time applicants. 

We will not consider incomplete applications or those submitted after travel. Applications received more than four months before travel date will not be accepted. 

Award amounts

  1. A maximum of $100.00 for travelling from on Vancouver Island.
  2. A maximum of $200.00 for travelling from within British Columbia.
  3. A maximum of $300.00 for travelling from outside British Columbia.


If you are unable to use the travel grant, please contact us.

We will cancel your application, however, if you have already received your funds, you may be asked to repay the value to FGS.

Student International Activities Fund

The Office of Global Engagement offers the Student International Activities Fund. This fund assists full-time students at UVic with international activities that are not funded by other sources. Three competitions for the grant are held each academic year.

Eligible activities include:

  • unpaid international internships and co-op placements
  • field schools
  • volunteer programs
  • exchange or study abroad programs organized by UVic

Visit the International site for more information.

Contact us

If you have questions about travel grants, the application form, regulations, cancellations, or UVic’s Travel Safety for Students site, send us an email.