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Be prepared for safe travel off-campus

“Off-campus activity” means a university organized or endorsed activity involving one or more university community members, which takes place beyond the boundaries of the University of Victoria campus. Such activities include:

  • fieldwork/field schools: any approved practical teaching and research activities carried out by faculty, staff, or students in the natural environment or community, away from the normal support networks of the university.
  • remote off-campus activities: any off-campus activity, including fieldwork or field schools, carried out in a location where it is difficult to summon help, and is separated by significant time or distance from emergency or medical assistance.
  • other examples include: student or faculty exchanges; cooperative education work term placements; practica; internships; travel/study programs; travel to attend conferences and university business; activities that are part of a university course or program (credit or non-credit); and university organized extracurricular or athletic activities.

This does not cover activities over which the university exercises no control and for which it can therefore take no responsibility. Specifically, among others, it does not cover:

  1. external activities (including consulting) undertaken by faculty, staff, or students that are not part of the individual’s employment responsibilities or academic program at the university;
  2. activities organized exclusively by students or student groups without expressed approval, sanction, or funding from the university;
  3. travel or activities of any person who is not a university community member as defined in this policy (e.g., a person accompanying a university community member travelling to attend a conference would not be considered an authorized volunteer because the accompanying individual is not travelling for the purpose of participating in the off-campus activity (the conference)); or
  4. personal travel undertaken before or after an off-campus university activity concludes.
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Travel safety advisories

Before you travel, make sure you're aware of all health and safety requirements established by the official health offices from all levels of government of the destination country, International SOS and other authorities or sources.

Off-Campus Activity Risk Management Policy

The purpose of the policy is to promote safety and to reduce risks to members of the university community involved in off-campus university activities.

The policy recognizes that planning and preparation, including risk assessment, for an off-campus activity should be carried out by the organizer(s), who will have relevant knowledge of the planned activities and travel locations and who will use the Canadian Government risk level definitions and the associated off-campus travel resources.

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