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Families of travellers

University departments involved in travel seek to protect the health and safety of those participating in international educational activities. These efforts are co-ordinated and comprehensive.

Consider taking the following steps to support your UVic traveller and confirm contact information in the case of an emergency.

In preparation

  • Ask your UVic traveller about the program they are participating in and which department is responsible.
  • Review UVic's travel checklist.
  • If appropriate, ensure that you are listed as the proxy or emergency contact on your traveller's UVic profile.
  • UVic students are required to complete UVic’s Travel Registry which also includes emergency contact information prior to departing Canada.
  • Review GoAbroad's basic safety tips (please note that this article is written for US American students; instead of STEP Canadians are advised to enroll in ROCA).
  • The Centre for Intercultural Learning answers intercultural questions from a Canadian and a local point of view with Country Insights.

In case of an emergency

As part of UVic’s commitment to our travellers, we have invested in global medical and security assistance through International SOS. This program is designed to keep our students healthy, safe and secure while they are travelling or living abroad. In an emergency International SOS provides all necessary emergency services including:          

  • Arranging medical transportation and care*
  • Monitoring the student's condition and providing advice along the way
  • Evacuating the student when necessary*
  • Contacting UVic and family (with consent)

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