Career planning for chemistry students

Student in a lab

Planning a career in chemistry is just like planning any other career: you need a plan, you need to develop and describe your skills, and you need to develop tools and techniques to find and land the position you want.  UVic Career Services offers a great range of on-line and in-person services to help you get started. Grad students will find the MyIDP webtool run by the AAAS to offer great advice on science careers. In addition, Steve Freeman, Career Educator is available to meet with you in person or virtually.  Please email Steve at for more information.

We’re here to assist you with chemistry-specific information and support. Chemistry Co-op is a great way to get employment experience in a variety of chemistry jobs.  So are our research opportunities which provide a chance to experience new chemistry and to expand your network. 

One of the keys to your career in the coming years is your network. That will include us—staff and faculty—and your fellow students. Even before you graduate, our alumni could also be helpful as you build your network. 

Networking is about getting out there and meeting people. Sure, social media like and LinkedIn are valuable. But the local chemistry community is active and engaged, offers lots of choices for students to become involved, and can put you in touch with people you might not encounter on-line. Consider:

UVic Chemistry graduates meet the educational requirements to be registered as a Professional Chemist in BC.  Before you graduate, student membership in the Association of the Chemical Profession of BC opens access to the ACPBC mentoring program that puts student members in contact with current chemists in a variety of industries in BC. The ACPBC, together with other provincial organizations and the national association Canada's Professional Chemists/ Chimistes professionnels du Canada, is actively engaged in promoting the chemical profession and the career development of chemists in Canada.