Materials science and energy

Ian Manners
Ian Manners, an internationally recognized researcher renowned for his transformative research in materials science, joined UVic in 2018 as a Canada 150 Research Chair, leading the development of the Laboratory for Synthetic Self-Assembled Materials

Driving the design of new materials through the spirit of innovation, collaboration and ambition.

In the vast field of materials science and energy, UVic researchers are leading the way in nanotechnology, advanced imaging technologies, biomedical devices, and materials for energy applications. Through sustainable and durable materials, more efficient renewable energy systems, to new techniques for diagnosing and treating disease, materials science and energy is changing the way we live.

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Jeremy Wulff

The upside of plastic: Energy-efficient vehicles

A durable industrial plastic adapted by Jeremy Wulff for use in automotive components could be a step toward lighter vehicle weights and greater energy efficiency.

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Alex Brolo

Golden opportunity

Alex Brolo is developing new ways to use gold nanostructures—microscopic bits of matter 10,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair—to diagnose viruses such as Zika, dengue fever and cancer. 

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Natia Frank

Developing energy-efficient computer memory

Natia Frank has developed a material that will make computers and smartphones faster, more durable and more energy-efficient. 

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