Hitachi HF-3300V STEHM

Based on the Hitachi HF-3300 TEM, the HF-3300V scanning transmission electron holography microscope (STEHM) can achieve both a STEM electron probe size and TEM spatial resolution approaching forty picometers. The STEHM assembly and commissioning process is complete, it has been signed off by Hitachi and UVic, and is now in service.

To see images of the installation and assembly, see the history page.

The Hitachi HF-3300V STEHM at the AMF

Instrument specifications

  • High brightness (measured as 6x10e13 A/m2 sr), high stability and high coherence cold-field-emmision electron source.
  • Housed in an extremely quiescent room.
  • The room is mounted on bedrock, mechanically insulated from the building.
    • Thermal insulation maintaining temperature to +/- 0.025 C over 1 hour.
    • Acoustic dampening.
    • Slow diffusion HVAC for room air changes.
    • Stray electromagnetic field reduction using aluminum shielding.
    • Magnetic field reduction using permalloy shielding.
  • 60 keV, 200 keV, and 300 keV acceleration voltage.
  • STEM and TEM mode:
    • First Cs and Cc corrected STEM with ExB Wien filter.
    • First aplanic TEM with Cs and coma correction.
    • Sub angstrom resolution at 60 kV TEM. More resolution details to follow.
  • Dislocated hologram apertures for electron vortex beams.
  • Four electron biprisms for many types of electron holography. One above specimen, and three below the specimen with magnification between lower biprisms equal to one.
  • Detectors:
    • Secondary electron detector in STEM mode.
    • X-ray energy dispersive spectrometer (Bruker).
    • High angle annular dark field for STEM imaging.
    • High angle annular bright field detector for STEM imaging.
    • Electron energy loss spectrometer.
    • Imaging energy filter (Gatan Quantum).
  • High stability single tilt holder (Hitachi).
  • High stability double tilt holder (Hitachi).
  • Low-background analytical holder (Gatan).
  • 360 degree tomography holder (Hitachi Pillar).
  • High temperature (1500 C) holder (Hitachi).
  • LN2 CryoEM holder (Gatan).
  • Farraday cage holder (Gatan).

You can read more technical information about the STEHM in the following documentation which covers some of the fundamentals of the STEHM instrument, and what makes the instrument unique:

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