Using the AMF

Come visit our laboratory in person or review our web site to learn about our many services and capabilities. Big or small, simple or complex, we are interested in your project. You can also download a brochure for our facility that outlines our instruments, capabilities, training program, staff, as well as directions on how to find us.

Should you need different capabilities, other multi-user instruments are housed in various locations on campus.

For new users, your first stop should be the new user instructions.

Facility usage options

We are a multi-user facility, and as detailed in the new user instructions, we offer two ways to use our facility:

  • Self-serve use booked through the online booking system to reserve time on the instruments (training required) and to purchase supplies.
  • Assisted use where one of our staff operates the instruments for you or performs tasks such as sample preparation or experiment design.

Training program and costs

  • Before you can use the online booking system and reserve self-serve instrument time, you must successfully complete a training program for the instrument. Apply online!
  • Training on a specific instrument is not required for assisted usage.
  • The costs associated with these options are outlined on our fees page.