User fees

We offer a three-tiered system: commercial users, academic users and inside users. Rates usually remain the same throughout the fiscal year (until March 31st), but we reserve the right to change the rates at any time.

Tier User
Commercial Users from for-profit companies.
Academic Users from academic or non-profit institutions.
Inside A special low rate, designed for high volume users.

The rates for each instrument and service are listed in the following table. When an hourly rate is indicated, the minimum amount charged is 15 min.

Instrument/Service Inside Academic Commercial
SEM - Hitachi S-4800 $28/h $56/h $125/h
FIB - Hitachi FB-2100 $45/h $90/h $180/h
STEHM - Hitachi HF-3300V* $50/h $100/h $200/h
TEM - Hitachi H-7000 $30/h $60/h $120/h
Ion Mill - Fischione 1010 $10/h $20/h $40/h
Plasma Cleaner - Fischione 1020 $10/h $20/h $40/h
UV Cleaner - Hitachi Zone(SEM/TEM) $5.5/use $11/use $22/use
Coater Au/Pd - Anatech Hummer IV $10/use $15/use $25/use
Coater C - Cressington 208C $10/use $15/use $25/use
Gatan Cryoplunge 3 $25/use $50/use $100/use
Poster printing (max width 3 feet) $12/foot $12/foot $12/foot
Lab tours $25/h $50/h $75/h
Service work $25/h $50/h $75/h

*Note: at the moment, only service work is available on this instrument. Please add the corresponding fee for the operator.

To determine if our instruments will give viable results for your sample, we offer a one-time-only sample test service. If the test fails and your sample is not amenable to our equipment, we charge a low testing fee:

Instrument Fee
Hitachi FB-2100 FIB sample preparation $65
Hitachi S-4800 SEM imaging $35
EDX analysis $45

If the experiment is a success and you wish to retain electron microscope micrographs and/or EDX analysis information, we will bill you according to our standard fee schedule.

Training is performed through workshops organized typically monthly. Please contact us to registerfor one. The workshop rates are:

Workshop Fee
Hitachi S-4800 SEM basics workshop $203/person
Hitachi S-4800 SEM EDX workshop $150/person
Hitachi FB-2100 FIB basics workshop $485/person
Hitachi FB-2100 FIB TEM liftout workshop $350/person
CAMTEC nanofabrication workshop (subsidised) $400/person

Becoming an inside user

To become an inside user there are two options:

A. Before beginning work, pay an up-front annual fee which makes you an inside user for the rest of the fiscal year.

User type Fee
Academic - individual primary investigator $1500
Academic - department $4000
Commercial $3000

B. Or, as a high volume user you will automatically become an inside user for the rest of the fiscal year after the following accumulated billing:

User type Fee
Academic - individual primary investigator $3000
Commercial $6000

The current inside users are:

Inside users Affiliation Period
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering UVic Until Mar 31st, 2017
Dr. Rodney Herring M ENG, UVic by default
Dr. Frank van Veggel CHEM, UVic by default
Dr. Karen Kavanagh PHYS, SFU by default