Service work

We offer comprehensive technical assistance for your project. This encompasses:

  • Material sample preparation
  • Conventional biological preparation
  • Immunolabeling
  • Scanning electron microscopy
  • SEM-EDX analysis and elemental mapping
  • Focused Ion Beam sample preparation
  • Gold-Palladium or Carbon sputter coating
  • Plasma or UV sample cleaning
  • (Scanning) transmission electron microscopy at 300 kV, 200 kV and 60 kV
  • Electron Diffraction
  • Cryo-TEM/STEM
  • STEM-EDX analysis and elemental mapping
  • STEM-EELS analysis and elemental mapping
  • Energy Filtered TEM mapping
  • TEM Holography.

Service work is where we work with you on the instrument or in your absence. You can ship your samples to us for the investigation. The samples will be shipped back to you upon completion. We are set up for video conferencing via Skype, to allow you to work with us on your sample remotely. The cost for service work consists of the instrument fee and the operator fee. For data analysis and reporting, only the operator rate will be charged. Please refer to the fees & membership page.