Sample preparation equipment

We have a complete set of ancillary equipment used to prepare the sample for SEM or TEM investigations.

The Hitachi FB-2100 FIB and Fischione 1010 Ion Mill are available for fabricating your specimens. A Fishione 1020 Plasma Cleaner and two Hitachi Zone (UV/OZone) cleaners are available for cleaning your specimens. Two sputter coaters (Carbon and Gold/Palladium) can be used for reducing charging on non-conducting SEM samples. A Gatan Cryoplunge 3 flash freezer is available to fix liquids in an amorphous state in specimens containing water or other forms of liquids. A Gatan cryo holder allows you to view hydrated specimens or specimens which suffer from contamination.

We also have a poster printer available for printing on short notice.

Please refer to each instrument page for specifications.