The Advanced Microscopy Facility is overseen by two committees:

  • User oversight committee
  • Management committee

The user oversight committee represents the user community. It reviews the operations of the laboratory and discusses how to use the lab for scientific and engineering purposes. The committee director is our academic director Dr. Rodney Herring, and the members are representatives of physical sciences, biological sciences, and engineering. The director of the user oversight committee will report to the Associate VP Research Dr. Rachael Scarth who in turn reports to the University of Victoria's VP Research Dr. David Castle, who in turn reports to the University of Victoria's president, Dr. Jamie Cassel.

The management committee is responsible for financial management and construction of the laboratory. It draws members from departments throughout the university.

The director and the manager of the AMF lab are also default members of the CAMTEC committees.

Directed by

  • Dr. Rodney Herring (Advanced Microscopy Facility's Primary Investigator), Mechanical Engineering


  • Dr. Frank Van Veggel, Chemistry
  • Dr. Geoffrey Steeves, Physics and Astronomy
  • Dr. Robert Burke, Biochemistry and Microbiology
  • Dr. Sadik Dost, Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Chris Papadopoulos, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Dr. Patrick Nahirney, Medicine
  • Dr. Karen L. Kavanagh, Department of Physics, Simon Fraser University
  • Dr. Stephen Johnston, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Chaired by

  • Rachael Scarth, Associate Vice-President Research Operations


  • Larry Wilkinson, Manager, Project Services, UVic Facilities Management
  • Rodney Herring, Associate Professor, UVic Mechanical Engineering
  • Jill Taylor, Senior Project Officer, UVic Office of Research Services
  • John Braybrook, Assistant Director, UVic Purchasing
  • Elaine Humphrey, Manager, Advanced Microscopy Facility
  • Alexandre Brolo, Professor, UVic Chemistry
  • Byoung-Chul Choi, Associate Professor, UVic Physics
  • Glenn Brenan, Director of Operations, Maintenance, UVic Facilities Management
  • Hans Muller, Professor, UVic Computer Science, Associate Dean of Research, UVic Faculty of Engineering
  • Joaquin Trapero, Special Programs Officer, UVic Research Services
  • Michelle MacDonald, Budget Manager, UVic Budget Office
  • Sandy Bligh, Manager, UVic Research Accounting