Undergraduate Programs

The current university Academic calendar is the definitive source for majors and honours degree requirements in Chemistry. The links on this page will take you to summarized information that may help you decide which courses that you need to take next on your way to earning a BSc in Chemistry.

If you need help or advice that you cannot get from these links, please contact us.

  1. Which curriculum should you follow for Chemistry Major & Honours, check the Transition Flowchart
  2. Frequently asked questions for Chemistry Major & Honours students
  3. Course requirements for a Majors degree in Chemistry
  4. Course requirements for an Honours degree in Chemistry
  5. Which curriculum should you follow for Chemistry for the Medical Sciences, check the Transition Flowchart
  6. Frequently asked questions for Chemistry for the Medical Sciences students
  7. Course requirements for a degree in Chemistry for the Medical Sciences
  8. Contact Dave Berg, Chem Major Honours advisor at  djberg@uvic.ca 
  9. Contact Dave Berg, Chem Med Sci advisor at djberg@uvic.ca


The BC transfer guide can give you an idea of which courses can be transferred between institutions.