Undergraduate Student Awards celebrated in November each year

The terms of reference for these awards as well as the eligibility and regulations can be found on the Student Awards and Financial Aid website.

  • Alexander and Glenda Kirk Award
  • B.W. Pearse Science Scholarship: Chemistry
  • Charles Humphrey Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Chemistry Co-op Report Prize
  • Chemistry Honours Scholarship
  • Chemistry Students’ Society 2002 Alumni Award
  • Corrina Ewan Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Wilma Elias Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Gerry Poulton Scholarship
  • Hugh and Lilian Salmond Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Hugh and Lilian Salmond Scholarship in Chemistry of the Environment
  • John F. Reeves Memorial Award
  • Karel Hartman Scholarship
  • Martin and Diana Hocking Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Mohamed and Prabha Ibrahim Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry
  • Norah and Calvin Banks Chemistry Scholarship
  • Stephen A. Ryce Memorial Scholarship