Patti-Jean (PJ) Naylor

Patti-Jean (PJ) Naylor
Emeritus Professor and Scientist

PhD (Victoria)

Office: MCK 0024b


Dr. PJ Naylor is a professor.  Her areas of research are socio-ecological and setting-based approaches to health promotion; obesity and chronic disease prevention; dissemination, knowledge translation/exchange; implementation and organizational capacity.  She coordinates the knowledge translation and dissemination laboratory.

Courses taught

  • EPHE 253 Program Planning
  • EPHE 351 Community and Population Health
  • EPHE 573 Research Methods

Research interests

  • Socio-ecological and setting-based approaches to health promotion
  • Obesity and chronic disease prevention
  • Dissemination, knowledge translation/exchange
  • implementation and organizational capacity

Selected publications

Naylor, P.J , Strange, K., Kopelow, B., Fenton, J., Li, L., Burrows, M., Wharf-Higgins, & J., McKay, H. (2011). A creative brief for physical activity messaging. Physical & Health Education Journal, 77(3) 6-11.

Trinh, L., Wilson, R., MacLeod Williams, H., Sum, A.J., & Naylor PJ. (2011). Physicians promoting physical activity using pedometers and community partnerships: A real world trial. British Journal of sports Medicine. Published Online First: 31 January 2011 doi:10.1136/bjsm.2009.069567

Casiro, N.S., Rhodes, R.E, Naylor, P.J., McKay, H.A. (2011). Intergenerational and Personal Physical Activity of Parents: A comparison of Correlates. American Journal of Health Behavior, 35(1), 81-91.