Olav Krigolson and Chad Williams looking at their Lego Mindstorm car

Neuroscientist Olav Krigolson and master's student Chad Williams test out their Lego Mindstorm car that can be controlled with brain waves. This new brain-health game is being tested by NASA for potential use on astronauts bound for Mars. Credit: Jody Paterson.

Lynneth Stuart-Hill and her students carrying out testing on a firefighter in the lab

Occupational physiologist Lynneth Stuart-Hill looks for ways to improve working conditions for first responders. Her team’s research has encompassed everything from the development of physical abilities assessments and fitness training manuals to specific findings like how caffeine consumption can raise core body temperatures.

Blindfolded students playing soccer in the UVic gym

Thanks to the hard work of two of our students, what started off as a class assignment to raise awareness about adapted sports and recreation evolved into the establishment of a new blind soccer program in Victoria. Blind soccer can be played by everyone—regardless of a person's vision. All players must wear full blindfolds, except goalies and a few scouts.

Ryan Rhodes in a gym with a test subject

We know that regular exercise is good for us and reduces the risk of disease, yet many of us still struggle to build physical activity into our daily routine. Why? What will motivate us to get more active? Exercise psychologist Ryan Rhodes studies how to motivate people to fulfill their exercise intentions.

Researchers observes kids taking part in horse vaulting lessons

Drs. Lynneth Stuart-Hill and Viviene Temple worked with graduate students to evaluate the physiological responses of kids participating in programs at the Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association.

Our research and teaching strengths include exercise and rehabilitation, occupational physiology, coaching science, physical activity for psychological and physical well-being, biomedical research, and much more. Visit our faculty profiles to see their research interests.

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Head space

November 15, 2018 - News

UVic researcher Olav Krigolson is helping NASA study the mental stress of a long space mission to Mars. He'll use portable electroencephalography (EEG) systems in the form of MUSE headbands and PEER research software to monitor the brain activity of crew members.

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Connecting active living and special needs education

November 1, 2018 - Ring

When Paige Quinn first moved to Vancouver Island to start her undergraduate degree, she intended on becoming an elementary school teacher. She had always loved working with children and grew up with a mother who taught grade one. But taking one of UVic's Exercise Science, Physical Health and Education classes hooked her on the program. She graduates this month.

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Supporting seniors’ access to fresh air and exercise

June 4, 2018 - Ring

There’s nothing quite like looking across the ocean and feeling the fresh salty air filing your lungs as you ride your bike along Dallas Road. And Carson Sage, who graduates with a MA in Kinesiology this month, has been offering senior citizens in Victoria and beyond the opportunity to reconnect with nature through free bike rides, via the Cycling Without Age program.

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