Dr. John Archibald

Dr. John Archibald
Professor, Graduate Advisor
Office: Clearihue D365
Area of expertise

Second language phonology

John Archibald has been a Professor in the Department of Linguistics since 2010. He was the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities from 2010-2015.  His area of research specialization is second language speech, where he has focused on the role of phonological theory in explaining the properties of second language sound systems. He has probed the acquisition of new features, segments, syllable structure, and stress. Broadly viewed, his research addresses both Plato's Problem (how we come to know what we know based on impoverished input) and Orwell's Problem (how we remain resistant to certain knowledge in the presence of abundant input); both of these constructs are central to understanding L2 speech.

Prior to coming to Victoria, he was Head of the Department of Linguistics and Director of the Language Research Centre at the University of Calgary. His role at the LRC saw him involved with many government policy studies, as well as much outreach work with bilingual schools (teachers, students, parents, psychologists) about aspects of bilingual education. He was the writer of a video on the benefits of bilingualism which was distributed to every school in Alberta. He is a former President of the Canadian Linguistic Association, and has been on adjudication committees for SSHRC and NSF. He has received research grants from SSHRC and from CFI. He is co-editor, with William O'Grady, of Contemporary Linguistic Analysis, and he still enjoys teaching introductory linguistics.

He has been privileged to work with many fine graduate students over the years who have helped to explore the fascinating properties of L2 speech. He looks forward to working with many more.

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John Archibald's Faces of UVic Research video

Selected Works

• Archibald, J. (under contract). Second Language Phonology at the Interfaces: the Epistemology of Representational Realism. Oxford University Press.

• Archibald, J. (forthcoming). A unified model of mono- and bilingual intelligibility: Psycholinguistics meets pedagogy. Invited paper in inaugural issue of Journal of Monolingual and Bilingual Speech.

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• Law, L., I. Grenon, C. Sheppard, J. Archibald (forthcoming). Which is better: Identification training or discrimination training for the acquisition of an English coda contrast? International Conference on Phonetic Sciences. August. Melbourne.

• Archibald, J. (forthcoming). Assessing Linguistic I-proximity in L3 Phonology. Paper at the Konstanz L3 Workshop. June.

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• Yousefi, M. & J. Archibald (2017). Plato’s Problem, Orwell’s Problem, and Escher’s Problem: What Production/Perception Asymmetries in Persian Learners of English Syllable Onsets Reveal about the Epistemology of Representational Realism. UVic Dept of Linguistics colloquium. March.

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Graduate Supervision

In Progress

Amjad Alhemaid. The perception and production of initial/sC/clusters by Saudi second languge learners of English. Ph.D. Candidacy paper.

Marziyeh Yousefi. Perception and production of sC onset clusters in Persian speakers of English. Ph.D. Candidacy paper.


Armstrong, Susan. Stress and Weight in Quebec French. M.A.

Atkey, Susan. The Acquisition of Czech Palatal Stops. M.A.

Blair, Leslie. Arabic/English Bilingual Proficiency.  M.A.

Cloutier, Genevieve. Production and Perception Differences in Children with Phonological Disorders. B.A.

Dypvik, Audny. Bilingual Speech Perception. Ph.D.

Fung, Angus. The Acquisition of English Voicing Contrasts by Cantonese Speakers. B.A.

Gonzales, Antonio. The Acquisition of Yucatec Ejectives by Spanish Speakers. Ph.D.

Hanson, Rebecca. The Acquisition of English Onsets. B.A.

Henderson, Kaley. The Phonology of Autistic Children. B.A.

Hilderman, Dustin. Codeswitching in the Multilingual Mind. M.A.

Jackson, Susan. The L2 acquisition of laryngeal features: the case of English and French learners of Hindi stops. M.A.

Jesney, Karen. The Acquisition of Chain Shifts in First and Second Language Learners. M.A.

Kasatkin, Julia. The multilingual immigrant population of Calgary. M.A.

Li, Wendan. Topic-Comment Structures and Second Language Acquisition. Ph.D.

Mah, Jennifer. The Acquisition of Phonological Features in a Second Language. M.A.

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Moisik, Scott. The L2 Acquisition of Syllabic /r/ in German and English. B.A.

Nolsø., Erla. The L2 Acquisition of Faroese Codas. M. Litt.

Oss-Cech, Maria. . Italian & Spanish Influences on Garcilaso’s Poetry.  Ph.D.

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Roberts, Nicole. Substitution in Autistic Phonology. B.A.

Romig, Silas. The production and perception of English vowels by native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese living in Victoria. MA.

Rossi, Silvia. L’interférence lexicale dans l’acquisition d’une troisième langue: effet langue seconde ou distance typologique? M.A.

Sagae, Seiko. Sentence Processing and Prosody: A comparison between hearing-loss and hearing readers. M.A.

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Vanderweide, Teresa. Cue-Based Learning and the Acquisition of Pre-Vocalic Clusters. Ph.D.

Vanderweide, Teresa. Government Phonology and Principles of L1 Syllabification. M.A.

Weber, Silke. The role of foot structure on the intelligibility of L2 stress errors. Ph.D.