Jeremy Wulff

Jeremy  Wulff
Office: Elliott 311

BSc (UVic), PhD (University of Calgary), Postdoctoral Fellow (Harvard University)

Area of expertise

Organic synthesis, chemical biology, materials science


Research in the Wulff group focuses on the synthesis and evaluation of compounds that inhibit, activate or detect protein-protein interactions of medicinal importance. Some of these compounds are complex natural products (or derivatives thereof) while others are designed by our group to have certain desirable properties. Ultimately, we hope that these studies will lead to new ways to treat cancer, viral infections and other diseases.

People interested in total synthesis, reaction methodology, chemical biology and medicinal chemistry will all find homes within the group. Ideally, students will have an opportunity to explore more than one of these sub-disciplines over the duration of their masters or doctoral degrees. Google Scholar


My teaching interests include all areas of synthetic organic chemistry and chemical biology.