Dr. Norm Fennema

Dr. Norm Fennema
Office: Cle B206
Area of expertise

Canadian History, American History, North American Religion (Not available to supervise)

Office Hours

Spring 2024: Wednesday 10:00 – 11:00 am on Zoom, or by appointment


I am very fortunate to be able to live in Victoria with my wife of 26 years, daughter (25) son (22) and dog (144). My research interest is cultural identity and pluralism, with a focus on North American religion. My dissertation examined government control over religious broadcasting in Canada from its inception to the 1980’s and changes in the relationship between religion, society and government in Canada over the twentieth century.

As an assistant professor at a small college in Ontario and now as a continuing sessional at UVic I have had the opportunity to develop and/or teach many different courses, including a seminar on film and Western history, a comparative history of the American and Canadian West, African American history and the history of religion in America. I also have taught survey courses in Canadian, American colonial and American post Civil War, World War Two, the 20th Century and independent study courses in Canadian and American topics. I teach courses on Canadian social policy, culture and environmentalism through the Canadian studies division of UVic Continuing Studies, and online courses for Thompson Rivers University.


HSTR 112 - World History, 1900 - present

HSTR 115 - The Second World War

HSTR 304 - Social History of the Automobile

HSTR 310C - American History in Film

HSTR 310D - The American West

HSTR 344C - World War II and the Recovery of Western Europe