Our people

Faculty members
Some of the History department's wonderful faculty members and staff - Back row: Martin Bunton, Heather Waterlander (staff), Alison Hogan (staff), Simon Devereaux, Mariel Grant, Oliver Schmidtke, Lynne Marks, Christine O’Bonsawin, Georgia Sitara. Middle row: Andrew Wender, Neilesh Bose, Loren McClenachan, John Lutz, Andrea McKenzie, Jill Walshaw, Sara Beam, Zhongping Chen. Front row: Adebisi Alade, Consuela Covrig (staff), David Dolff, Jason Colby (Chair), Kristin Semmens, Tom Saunders, Jordan Stanger-Ross, Rachel Cleves.

Our people make the History Department both impressive and welcoming. We are well known across B.C. and Canada for the high levels of engagement between our faculty and students (both graduate and undergraduate).  

We are also great teachers. We don’t just brag about this – our students tell us so. History department instructors’ course evaluation scores are above Faculty of Humanities averages and considerably above UVic averages.  

Our faculty members are also serious researchers. When you take courses at UVic, you are taking courses with the people who are writing the history you are studying. Department members have published more than twenty books since 2007, including several award-winning monographs on a range of topics, from the history of the Ukraine, to early modern French theatre, to attitudes to political violence in the early American republic. Faculty integrate their exciting new research into their teaching, through the frequent development of new courses in faculty research areas as these change, as well as by creating databases, learning tools and web sites that closely connect research to teaching.

Check out some of the projects our faculty are working on.