Future students

Find your edge in UVic's Department of History.

Why study history?

Where can you learn about pirates, hockey, the Black Death or get a traveller's guide to backpacking through Europe? In history, of course.

Whether you want to major in history or just want to take an interesting class, history will pique your curiosity and immerse you in the past. Diving into events that shook the world, or exploring significant historical sites, isn't just fascinating—it changes who you are.

Studying history helps us understand our world, how it came into being and how to make educated, informed decisions for the future. It can also be a wise career choice.

Contrary to the mythology about the educated baristas A wide spectrum of recent reports from diverse organizations including the Royal Bank, the Business Council of Canada, the British Council, and American census data, all came to similar conclusions.

Students who study history at university have excellent chances in today’s and tomorrow’s economy of getting rewarding employment in hundreds of different jobs that draw on the skills acquired in their history classes. Their history degrees will not only lead most to careers with lifetime incomes comparable to other professionals, but also equip them to be among the most engaged citizens in our democracy.   

The CHA Council has gathered up the data and packaged it in a downloadable PowerPoint at https://cha-shc.ca/english/cha-publications/what-can-you-do-with-a-history-degree-blog.html