The History Undergraduate Body (HUB)


The History Undergraduate Body (HUB) is the History course union. HUB is run by UVic history students to enhance the experience of all history undergrads. HUB is a great place for you to get involved with your peers and be part of a fun and inclusive community! We provide opportunities to interact with fellow history students and faculty members through various social and academic events, and we provide online forums to help connect with your peers despite not being on campus. HUB also publishes an annual peer-reviewed journal, The Ascendant History. We also provide peer helping, where you are given the chance to connect with upper year history students to ask any questions you might have: from how to cite a weird source to being a UVic history student. Follow us on social media to find out about upcoming events and feel free to send an email to with any questions. To get in touch with our peer helping program via email Via social media, instagram and facebook, is a great way to stay in touch!

The HUB Executive Committee for 2021-2022

Position Name
President Rebecca Hartley
Vice President Charlotte Clar
Director of Finance Tylor Mathers
Editor in Chief - The Ascendant Historian Alec Lazenby
Director of Records Simrat Otal
Director of Communications Alexander Peden Orr
Director of Events Paige Arden
Director of Academics Jonah Burkart
Majors Representative Jakob Svorkdal
Director at Large
Caelen Cook
Director at Large Andrea Kennedy
Director at Large Lily McCartney

Instagram: @uvichub 

Facebook: History Undergraduate Body - HUB UVic


New this year: HUB Discord channel! See our Facebook or Instagram for the link!!