2020-2021 Fall Timetable

2020-2021 Spring Timetable

Please note:
  • Courses numbered 100 and 200 are the same level and both are appropriate for first year students.
  • Courses numbered with A and B can be taken separately. For example HSTR 240A is not required in order to take HSTR 240B.

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Sample Course Outlines 

100 Level Courses

200 Level Courses

300 Level Courses

HSTR 300B - Hockey Nation: Sports History and Canadian Identity

HSTR 306 - Sex and Power in American History

HSTR 310 - Northwest America to 1849

HSTR 310C - American History in Film

HSTR 310D - The American West

HSTR 313A - Britain's Rise to World Power, 1689-1837

HSTR 318 - The Bloody Code: Crime in England, 1660-1800

HSTR 320 - Scotland from the Fall of the MacDonalds to the Highland Clearances

HSTR 320A - The British Monarchy since 1689

HSTR 320C - Bloodfeud, Politics, and Culture in the Celtic "fringe", 1485-1746

HSTR 324A - Northwest America to 1849

HSTR 324C - British Columbia in the 20th Century

HSTR 327A - Gender and Sexuality in Canada to 1920

HSTR 328 - Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada

HSTR 329A - Race and Ethnicity in Canada to 1900

HSTR 329B - Race and Ethnicity in Canada Since 1900

HSTR 330 - From the Ice Age to Kyoto: An Environmental History of Canada

HSTR 330 - War and Society in Canada

HSTR 330 - Scots in the Atlantic World

HSTR 336T - The Created Medieval History of J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth

HSTR 337B - Reformation and Religious War in Europe

HSTR 342C - Democracy, War and Nation Building in Europe, 1814-1914

HSTR 350B - Weimar and Nazi Germany

HSTR 366 - War and Revolution in China

HSTR 377 - History of Modern Egypt

HSTR 376A - Conquest and Rebellion in Latin America, 1492 to 1783

HSTR 378 - History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

HSTR 379 - Western Imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa

HSTR 385C - History of Sexuality

HSTR 389A - Public History

HSTR 440 - Cinema -- Society: Europe in the Era of World Wars

HSTR 489A - Doing History in a Digital World

400 Level Courses