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Café historique returns October 2nd!

Dr Kristin Semmens, “Touring the Nazi Past” Much of Europe felt the imprint of the Nazi jackboot between 1933 and 1945. Focusing on different locations within Germany and Poland, Dr. Semmens traces the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. From the Reichstag building in Berlin to the Fuehrer’s retreat in the Bavarian Alps, from the Krakow ghetto to the Auschwitz death camp, we will learn about key moments in the history of German fascism which left traces on the landscape still visible to travellers today.

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Come walk this ancient mindfulness tool to find some calm in the midst of a stressful day, before or after a tough exam. Simple instructions for meditative walking of the labyrinth are posted. *Regular programming takes place during the labyrinth, so please check the activity schedule before you come.

Catholic Mass & Devotion

For Catholics the celebration of the Mass is the continuation of the Jesus' loving offer of himself and considered the source and summit of our faith.
Catholic Mass - Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Catholic Devotion - Monday

Refining the teaching dossier: Wrapping it all up (series workshop no. 6)

Are you preparing a teaching dossier for promotion or for a teaching award nomination? In this session, you will bring your completed, or nearly completed, teaching dossier so that you can receive feedback from peers. This is an opportunity to have peers and mentors from LTSI review your dossier to ensure that it is coherent and competitive.

Learn Zen Buddhist Meditation

Zen Meditation is a free program designed to teach meditation and give an experience ofZen Buddhism. This class includes sitting & walking meditation, chanting, and a talk by the Abbot of the Zenwest Buddhist Society, Kosen Eshu, Osho.

Keeping the Peace: Maintaining Habitat Connectivity in BC’s Northeast

Celebrity Before Photography

Exhibit curated by Jeanne Cannizzo