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Café historique returns October 2nd!

Dr Kristin Semmens, “Touring the Nazi Past” Much of Europe felt the imprint of the Nazi jackboot between 1933 and 1945. Focusing on different locations within Germany and Poland, Dr. Semmens traces the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. From the Reichstag building in Berlin to the Fuehrer’s retreat in the Bavarian Alps, from the Krakow ghetto to the Auschwitz death camp, we will learn about key moments in the history of German fascism which left traces on the landscape still visible to travellers today.

Controversial Characters in Context - James Douglas, October 22nd - Open to Public

To understand the issues raised by recent controversies around renaming and destatuing it is important to learn as much as we can about the historical characters in the news before we decide the best route forward. To move forward in the spirit of “truth and reconciliation” we need to know the truths of our past. Four historians will present brief “warts and all” biographies of four historical figures in the news: John A. Macdonald, Joseph W. Trutch, Matthew Baillie Begbie and James Douglas and put them in their historical context to help inform public discussion. Each talk will be followed by a discussion to inform such questions as “how should we remember these characters and their contexts?” and/or “to commemorate or not commemorate?” All talks will take place in Council Chambers, City Hall, 1 Centennial Square, Victoria, B.C. 7-8:30 pm. FREE EVENT - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Dr. Beatriz de Alba-Koch - New Faculty Member

Thematic interests include Indigenous and mestizo accounts of the Spanish Conquest, utopian thought, female spirituality, and Ibero-American as well as Ibero-Asian Baroque culture. I am currently working on early modern atrium and roadside crosses erected in the Iberian metropolitan and overseas world as vehicles of conversion and resistance.

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Resonant Disintegration

The haunting and timely interactive, sculptural multimedia installation Resonant Disintegrationby Visual Arts alumnus Colton Hashpresents an immersive space for viewers to reflect on their relationships to oceanic life in the context of climate change. The life-size form of an adolescent female orca is suspended at eye level in the space, inviting viewers to approach and physically engage with the sculpture. Resonant Disintegrationwon two awards at UVic’s "Research Reels" video contest at 2018's Ideafest, and this is the first time since 2017 it has been on public display.

Grief Support Group

The death of a loved one can be overwhelming. Loss is a universal event, yet grief is an individual experience. The purpose of this group is to explore the role grief plays in our healing process. *Group participation requires a referral from a counsellor.

Yoga for Meditation

A free guided gentle 50 minute yoga practice.
This is a drop-in program, and everyone is welcome.

Learn to Meditate

Our core practice is Meditation and Mindful Awareness. These are key tools in the development of conscious and compassionate ways of being present to the complex and stressful reality of our lives.Free. Drop-in when you can. No experience necessary.

Putin and the Patriarch: Appropriating Russia’s National Past

After seventy years of official atheism under the Sovi­et Union, the Church now enjoys a special, close relationship with the state. This project investigates how the Church is appropriatingcultural memory, attempting to re-position its own role in the narrative of the national past.

Meditation Club Soup Supper

Join us for our Meditation Club Soup Supper every second Thursday. We've got lots ofsoup coming, and other delectable edibles! If you can come early at 3:45pm to help set up, it will make the work lots easier. Meditation at 4:30pm. Soup Supper at 5:15pm.

Drumming Circle

Every Thursday we gather for an informal drumming circle. No experience necessary! Greatway to de-stress! We provide the drums and rhythm instruments! Come join in the fun.