History Graduate Courses 2021-22


History department style guide


The following courses are regularly offered by department members.  Please note that course content varies among instructors.  Please click on the course to see a sample outline.

Please note: some courses can count as either topical or geographical.  Please contact the Graduate Adviser (link to for more information. 

Sample course outlines:

History 500 – Historiography

Geographical Field courses:

History 501A & B- American History
History 502A & B- British History
History 503A- 19th Century Canadian History
History 503B- 20th Century Canadian History
History 504A- Early Modern Europe
History 504B- Modern Europe
History 505 – World History
History 506A & B- Medieval History
History 507 – Latin America 1492-1900
History 508A & B- Chinese History
History 509A & B- Japanese History

Topical Field courses:

History 511– Military History
History 512 – Intellectual History
History 513- Women's/Gender History
History 515A – Public History
History 516– Digital History
History 517- Cultural History and Theory
History 518 – Political History
HSTR520 - History of the Holocaust
HSTR521A - Medieval Law and Administration
HSTR521B - British Legal History
History 519- Special Topics
History 522– Social History of Religion
HSTR523 - History of Science and Technology
HSTR526 – Ethnohistory
HSTR528 - Field School in Ethnohistory

Also see the complete list of graduate courses in the calendar.