Inspiring Historians

This page honours the inspiring professors of history at UVic who have hooked generations of students into the pleasure and value of understanding the past.  This impressive group of retirees (also called professor emeritus) have left a legacy of students with a deep understanding of the relationship between past and present.  This legacy—those students—are now included in the highest levels of the government in Canada, and from coast to coast, in every walk of life, and in many cases are professors themselves inspiring a new generation. 

By date of their retirement, these are the Inspiring Historians whom this page honours.  Read more about them and the history of the UVic History Department in the “History of History” by Dr. Patricia Roy and her “True Confessions of My Early Years at UVic.” 

We have also honoured these historians by the creation of the Inspiring Historians Legacy Scholarship and raised over $50,000 for undergraduate student scholarships from grateful students, colleagues, friends and supporters.   If you would like to help us grow this tribute, you can add your contribution here.

Emeritus Professors by date of retirement.

Rob Alexander

Dr. Rob Alexander, 2022.

European. Modern (post-1789) French history, 19th-Century European Political History.


Dr. John Price, 2018

History of modern Japan; race, migration and the Transpacific; Canada and the Cold War.


Dr. Rick Rajala, 2017

Environmental and labour history.


Dr. Paul Wood, 2017

The intellectual history of early modern Europe.

Eric Sager

Dr. Eric Sager, 2016

Dr. Sager retired from the University of Victoria in July 2016 after 34 years as a vital member of the Department of History and more than four decades as a leader within the Canadian historical profession. Read More

Wendy Wickwire

Dr. Wendy Wickwire, 2016

Wendy Wickwire retired after twenty years in the departments of History and Environmental Studies at UVic. A revered scholar of British Columbia, her research and teaching has been at the intersection of oral history, environmental history, and ethnography. Read More

Greg Blue

Dr. Greg Blue, 2015

Dr. Greg Blue
World history , History of Science and Technology

John Duder

Dr. John Duder, 2015

World History with a focus on  White settlement in Africa, Black Diaspora and British Empire


Dr. Andrew Rippin, 2013

Islamic civilization

Brian Dippie

Dr. Brian Dippie, 2009

19th Century American cultural history, intellectual  history, history of the US West.

Peter Baskerville

Dr. Peter Baskerville, 2008

Canadian family and social history Business history, pre-Confederation Canada, quantitative history

Angus McLaren

Dr. Angus McLaren, 2008

19th century European social history

Ian MacPherson

Dr. Ian MacPherson, 2005

Canadian History, Prairie History, Co-operative Studies.

Patricia Roy

Dr. Patricia Roy, 2005

British Columbia and Canadian political history

Phyllis Senese

Dr. Phyllis Senese, 2005

French Canada, Post-Confederation Canada,  Women’s history  

John Money

Dr. John Money, 2004

18th century British history

Ted Wooley

Dr. Ted Wooley, 2003

American diplomatic History

Harold Coward

Dr. Harold Coward, 2002

Indian intellectual history and history of religions


Dr. Ralph Croizier, 2002

World history, art history, modern Chinese history.

Don Senese

Dr. Donald Senese, 2001

19th and 20th  century Russia history


Dr. Bob McCue, 1997

16th century European history


Dr. Patricia Tsurumi, 1997

Modern Japan and Women’s Studies

James Hendrickson

Dr. James Hendrickson, 1994

British Columbia and the American West, Historical Editing

Toby Jackman

Dr. Toby Jackman, 1990

19th Century British history


Dr. Charlotte Girard, 1988

20th Century Diplomacy; Modern France; Canadian Foreign Policy

Reg Roy

Dr. Reg Roy, 1988

Canadian history with a focus on military and strategic studies


William George Shelton, 1985

Europe in the Age of Enlightenment


Alfred E. Loft, 1976

Canadian history


Christopher Rowe, 1972

European history

Sidney Pettit

Sidney Pettit, 1972

Intellectual History of Europe, British Columbia