Karen L. Courtney

Karen L. Courtney
Associate Professor, Graduate Advisor
Health Information Science

BA (University of North Carolina), RN, BSN (University of North Carolina), MSN (Duke University), PhD (University of Missouri)

Office: HSD A216

As the Graduate Advisor, Dr. Courtney can be contacted at hinfgradadvisor@uvic.ca.

Co-Investigator Ongoing:

PI: R. Schulz, University of Pittsburgh (subcontract with Carnegie Mellon University Principal Investigator T. Kanade)
Funding Source: National Science Foundation
Title: Quality of Life Technology Engineering Research Center (Person and Society Thrust)
Period: 2009-present

PI: J. Lingler, University of Pittsburgh
Funding Source: Steven D. Manners Faculty Development Award, University of Pittsburgh
Title: Feasibility of a Web-Based Intervention to Improve Family Caregivers’ Communicative Skillfulness during Patients’ Medical Visits
Period: 2010-2011

Other International Collaboration:
National Library of Medicine Literature Selection Technical Review Committee (2010-2014)

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