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Our researchers are constantly moving into new leading-edge research areas and also work with healthcare policy makers, governments and industry to affect positive changes to healthcare.

Graduate studies

Our graduate programs in health information science nourish the next generation of health informatics experts. Our world-class faculty, students and researchers are making an impact with a focus on the planning, design, implementation and evaluation of digital health information systems in diverse health care settings.

We are global leaders in health informatics education and research and our programs are a model that has been implemented around the world.

Meet our alumni

We offer four graduate programs:

Co-op option

We offer our graduate students an optional co-op opportunity, which provides paid, hands-on employment experience in health informatics.


If you need advice regarding eligibility for our graduate programs, course selection or choosing a supervisor, please contact our .

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All students in the School of Health Information Science must follow the Guidelines for Professional Conduct.  The faculty supports models for professional conduct based on the following guidelines:

  • Submission of oneself to a professional code of ethics
  • Exercise of personal discipline, accountability and judgement
  • Acceptance of personal responsibility for continued competency and learning
  • Willingness to serve the public, client or patient and place them before oneself
  • Ability to recognize one’s own limitations
  • Maintenance of confidentiality of information (including all electronic communication) appropriate to the purposes and trust given when that information was acquired
  • Acceptance that one’s professional abilities, personal integrity and the attitudes one demonstrates in relationships with other persons are the measures of professional conduct

Health Informatics Professionals are embedded in a web of relationships that are subject to important ethical constraints.  These include professional relationships with health care professionals, researchers, health care institutions and other agencies as well working with the relationships of digital health information and the subjects of those records within in our professional practice.  Several codes of ethics guide our professional conduct: 

TCPS2 CORE 2022 Training

If you are a current student and have had a journal paper or indexed conference proceeding accepted or published, please share this information with our office so we can recognize your achievement. Please send the full citation in APA format to the .

A list of publications that our students have authored or co-authored papers that have been accepted for publication can be found here.

A list of HINF Graduate Completed Oral Examinations can be found here.