Meet our alumni

Rav Goodison

Senior Project Manager

Rav Goodison, Health Information Science (HINF) MSc alumni and current PhD in Health Informatics (HINF) student shares her experience for improving health care. Read more:

Health Information Science - MSc (2018)

Joe Walsh

Manager, ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Operations and Security
Halton Healthcare

Joe Walsh, who has already completed a MSc in Health Informatics with our School, is now spending his evenings and weekends working on his PhD in Health Informatics. Read more: 

Health Information Science - MSc (2018)

Zen  Tharani

Xenex Consulting Inc.

Zen says: “Over the course of my career, I have tried to keep one thing at the top of my mind, especially when there are difficult decisions to make. That one thing is keeping the patient at the forefront. Decisions become easy when you ask yourself and your team: ‘What is the right thing to do for the people? What are the people asking for?’” Read more:

Health Information Science - BSc (2002)

Health Informatics - MSc (2020)

Dee Dee  Wong

Public Health Master's student
University of Alberta

Dee Dee says that the “HINF program is accommodating to students that come from different years and circumstances,” and emphasizes the importance of making connections both within the program and the Health Informatics industry. Read more:

Health Information Science - BSc (2019)

Rachel  Fellner

Works with the Office of the Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO)
Island Health

Recently, Rachel has worked within a rural health centre in Northern Ghana, where she led the implementation of a Community Electronic Medical Record system. This experience showed her just how applicable the skills she learned throughout her program are, as well as how far a degree in Health Information Science can take you. Read more:

Health Information Science - BSc (2016)

Ayman Abou Mehrem

Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Pediatrics, Cumming School of Medicine

Ayman found that the University of Victoria’s Health Information Science program provides students with knowledge that covers all areas of Health Informatics and applies to various types of healthcare-related disciplines. Read more:

Health Information Science - MSc (2018)

Julia Pearson

Lab Instructor
Health Information Science
Julia Pearson is a graduate alumna with a BSc in Health Information Science (HINF). Currently she is working as a Lab Instructor with the School of Health Information Science in addition to working for Island Health. Read more
Health Information Science - BSc (2011)
Rhonelle Bruder

Founder, Project iRISE

Rhonelle Bruder, recently graduated with a Master of Science in Health Informatics from the University of Victoria. Rhonelle leverages both her background in healthcare and academic research to help young people by raising awareness and helping to reduce the stigma vulnerable populations face. Read more:

Health Information Science - MSc (2018)

Naima  Salemohamed

Health Informatics Consultant
Telus Health

Naima is currently working as a Health Informatics Consultant at Telus Health. Read more

Health Information Science - BSc (2014), MSc (2017)

Lauren Xie

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

Lauren Xie is a project analyst at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Read more

Health Information Science - MSc (2017)